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Introducing lloop

lloop is your free contact list that's shared and managed by your contact list. Easily and securely share and access each other's latest numbers and addresses anytime, anywhere by just visiting from any device. Welcome to lloop!

What is lloop?

lloop is a service that allows its users to easily manage their contacts. They keep only their information up-to-date and invite their contacts to do the same, ensuring everyone has the most up to date contact info.

How do I sign up?

There is a multitude of ways to sign up for lloop. You have the ability to sign in through your Gmail, Yahoo, or Live accounts to create your profile. You can also sign up using email and password.

How do I invite people to get in the lloop?

While signing up and from your dashboard you have the ability to add and invite contacts from Google, Yahoo, Live, Linkedin, and MSN. You can also manually input a contact. The final way to get your contacts in the lloop is by posting your personal lloop link anywhere you please.

Who can see my information?

People you are connected with are able to see your information. To dictate who can see your Personal vs Work information, go to your profile and select the fields in which you would like to adjust the __ settings.

How do I dictate who can see my personal vs. work information?

After adding your contacts, you will be prompted to select the people you want to view your Personal information; once done, you will go through the same process for your Work information before requesting verification from your contacts.

How do I get in touch with my contacts?

When on your dashboard, select a contact’s name to view their profile. Within the profile, you can call, text, Facebook message or email to stay in touch!

What does it mean when a green check mark is next to one of my contacts?

That contact is verified and fresh (information has been confirmed in the last 90 days).

What does it mean when a yellow indicator is next one of my contacts?

That contact is verified, but their contact information has not been updated in the last 90 days, make sure to prompt them to do so.

What does it mean when a grey question mark is next to one of my contacts?

That contact is not currently a user of lloop, but you are able to still access the information you manually inputed for them. Encourage them to get in the lloop to ensure you always have their most up-to-date information.

Should I connect all of my accounts to lloop?

Absolutely, lloop is a much better place to be when all of your accounts are connected to it.